ANNOUNCEMENT: For the time being, shipping for sticker orders will be free to U.S. and Canada.


- Will my sticker fit on this?
Although the sizes are listed on each individual product, I totally get why you'd ask this question. DM me on IG and I will be more than happy to show you a size comparison with a water bottle.

- How are your stickers different?
Our stickers are made of high-quality vinyl! The art is all made by me! My goal is to make each sticker a unique design and pose, with a special emphasis on my diecuts.

- Do you guys go to conventions?
Check out my con schedule on Instagram, I might be in your area!

- Do you take commissions?
Yes, message on IG, I can show his portfolio and his past commissions.

- Are your stickers weatherproof?
Yes, the vinyl is weatherproof.

- How do I put on my sticker correctly?
For diecuts, there are 3 layers of a sticker. The backing paper, the sticker itself, and the transfer tape.
1. Peel the sticker off of the backing paper.
2. Use transfer tape to find a good position to place your sticker.
3. Place sticker on a clean and smooth surface. (Make sure to go slowly with a squeegee for no bubbles!)
4. Peel off the transfer tape and admire your new sticker.

- Where are your stickers made?
Right here in California!

Contact us with any questions!